What is Midpoint

All of your off-chain infrastructure in one place.

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Updated 1 Mar 2023 6:30 PT.

Midpoint is a platform and API for building off-chain infrastructure that supports on-chain applications. Developers define schemas (known as midpoints) that act as oracles, data bridges, smart contract automation, off-chain notifications, data feeds, off-chain data storage, and more. Midpoint deploys and hosts the infrastructure to support those workflows.


  • Hosting oracle, bridge, and keeper nodes sucks. Midpoint hosts infrastructure for you.

  • It is time-consuming to configure each of these distinct pieces of infrastructure. Midpoint is built for simplicity - if you can read JSON files you can build a midpoint.

  • Scaling off-chain infrastructure is tedious and never stops. Midpoint automatically scales as your application scales.

  • Existing infrastructure is not self-service. Midpoint is a platform for developers - just start building.

  • Most blockchain infrastructure is limited to pre-defined endpoints. Midpoint is designed to work with any API out-of-the-box.

  • Traditional infrastructure doesn't support complex workflows such as OAuth endpoints. Midpoint allows you - the developer - to define custom workflows that fit your real-world use case.

Try it with a CLI

> npm install -g midpoint-cli
> midpoint init my-first-midpoint wikipedia-oracle
> midpoint publish

Try it with a Frontend

Try it with a GraphQL API

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