Midpoint ID

A unique identifier for each midpoint.

Every midpoint is assigned a globally-unique and immutable identifier on creation - known as a Midpoint ID. Midpoint IDs (commonly writen as MIDs) are used across the Midpoint system to identify and refer to midpoints.

Midpoint IDs appear in the following places:

  • In the GraphQL API, the MID is used to identify which midpoint is to be queried or modified.

  • On the Midpoint dashboard they are visible from the main screen and the page for each midpoint.

  • When using the CLI, the MID is found in the midpoint.conf file. Any midpoint commands that make remote changes will use midpoint.conf as their MID.

  • In contracts that you deploy.

    • Midpoint IDs are used on-chain when making a call to a midpoint to identify the target midpoint.

      • // Make a call to the midpoint with MID of midpointID
        IMidpoint(startpointAddress).callMidpoint(midpointID, args);
    • We strongly recommend checking the MID of incoming requests. See Transact to EVM Function Security for more details.

      • // Verify that data is being returned for your midpoint
        require(midpointID == _midpointId, "Invalid Midpoint ID");

During execution of a request, the Midpoint ID can be extracted from any of the source types using the keyword Midpoint_ID.

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