Use confidential data throughout your tasks.

Secrets are values that are defined off-chain which contain sensitive information such as API keys. Once defined, secrets are not viewable or editable. Secrets are never accessible after being encrypted and are only decrypted during runtime when a request is made.

  • All secrets are stored as strings and can contain only string literals.

  • Variables and references to other secrets are not permitted in secret values.

  • A midpoint that references secrets that have not yet been defined can not be published

In order to interpolate a secret during runtime, enter the name of a secret, surrounded by double brackets, e.g. [[secretName]]

Sample usage of a secret inside a Make HTTP Request definition:

    "authType": "bearer",
    "auth": {
        "bearer": "[[bearer_token]]"

Working with Secrets

midpoint add-secret <value> <name>
midpoint delete-secret <name>
midpoint list-secrets

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