Cron Job Triggered

Triggers a midpoint on a regular interval defined by a crontab.

The Cron Job Triggered source is used to schedule midpoints that are called at regular time-intervals.

This source can be used to trigger a midpoint hourly, daily, weekly, or on more specific time definitions (ex. Noon on the first of every month). GMT is used as the originating time for the cron job triggered source.


crontab: string # Required
extracts: [ 
        name: string
        from: string 
excludeLogs: [string]

crontab: String. A standard unix crontab. See for more information on crontabs.

extracts: See extracts. Legal values:

excludeLogs: See exclude logs. Legal values:

  • TaskDefinition The complete definition of this task at runtime

Returned Values

This source does not return any values other than those explicitly expressed in extracts.


Start this midpoint every hour on the hour.

crontab: "0 * * * *"

Start this midpoint every six hours and only on weekdays.

crontab: "* */6 * * Mon-Fri"
extracts: [ 
        name: Request_ID
        from: Request_ID

Tips on Using Cron Job Triggered

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